5G Digital Twins in Aged and Dementia Care

An innovative application, scaled on 5G technology that enhances lives

Project description

This project trials an innovative Digital Twin application scaled on 5G networks to enhance care by increasing agency, empathy and transparency for people living with dementia, their families and their carers. Our Digital Twin applications use the high bandwidth and rapid response times of the 5G network and mobile edge computing in a care facility context to deliver positive outcomes across the aged care ecosystem.

Changing lives by creating trust, empathy and transparency

People living with dementia can be frustrated by their lack of agency. Our digitial twins work along side them to increase their agency, improve empathy in those that care for them and provide transparency of care to their families.

Leveraging 5G technology for impact and innovation

5G provides enhanced capabilities, including reduced latency and higher bandwidth than 4G. This project demonstrates the value of 5G bringing impact and innovation to the Health sector.

Quality, safety and productivity

Our technology increases the competitive advantage of aged care providers working in the sector by improving safety, quality, transparency and trust.

Growth for the industry

We are introducing our technology to a range of Health Care facilities, to demonstrate the commercial and competitive advantages of 5G applications and encourage investment and new jobs.

A story of Agency, Empathy and Transparency

In 2015, one in every two people in aged care was living with dementia*.

This project's founders, Mark and Dan, have experienced the significant life changing effects of dementia in both of their Father's lives. They've seen and felt the flow-on of impacts from dementia to family and friends, and discovered the immense opportunity for the application of assistive technology in an industry in need of innovation and investment.

This project will demonstrate how 5G applications can bring value in the Health Care industry (specifically Dementia and Aged care) by increasing agency, trust and transparency at a critical time for this sector. It will introduce a range of Health Care facilities to the commercial and competitive advantages of 5G applications and encourage investment and create new jobs.

Our Digital Twin technology, combined with 5G capabilities, contributes to rights-based care, and higher standards of safety and quality in aged care. For the person living with dementia this project will give them more agency (by proxy) in daily decisions even as their cognitive abilities decline. For the family and friends, this project will give them the confidence of seeing a timeline of care provided and allow them to maintain close connections even when not able to be physically present.

Sources, statistics and related information for dementia, aged care and disability sectors:

Meet our team

We are experienced mobile communications experts, trial managers, and digital specialists.

Mark Dando

Jonathan Watcham
Trial Director

Dan Avis

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